Brand Positioning - We were charged with developing a brand idea which gives the wealthy, who are building their fleet, a reason to make Aston Martin the pinnacle of their collection.

    May 2016 – (Quiet Luxury, 8 years earlier)

    Real Problem
    Aston Martin’s brand has not taken a solid stance in the Americas. The brand has strayed too far into exclusivity and gone dormant. The name, Aston Martin alone no longer carries strong meaning. Aston’s only strong recognition is its long history with James Bond, which has become a golden shackle for acquiring new consumers.

    Market Forces – Setting the Stage

    Category: The luxury vehicle category worships speed, flash, and brash colors. These vehicles represent the rich who throw away their wealth on tasteless pursuits. They are the Soulless.

    Culture: The affluent have been criticized for their wealth and, as such, do not connect with cliché displays of luxury.

    The Ultra-Rich: Most ultra-wealthy were not born into their riches. They believe that their success is due to their clear sense of purpose in life (Passion). These people believe they have earned their success from personal hard work (Merit) and perseverance (Soul) in the face of failure. They even cite that their happiness is determined by realizing personal potential (Success), but the weak fall prey to the trappings of success. These people chased success for the wrong reasons.

    Our Target Audience – The Likable Rich (Mirrors of the brand)
    The Likable Rich, who knows that success is only the beginning. We like them for their enduring passion because they continue to share it with us. These people continue to strive past success because they adhere to their core values.

    True Success is not found when we reach it but when we share it with others and are recognized for our success.

    Audience Insight: People driven by passion who find success can preserve their meaning and purpose after becoming wealthy.

    Brand Truth: Imprinted with the values of passion, merit, and perseverance. The car with soul, in a category of the soulless.

    Strategic Platform: For whom success is only the beginning

    There is an untraditional brief, too. It explores the demise in 2016 of 2013’s slew of Ultimate Men (the most interesting man goes to space / retires). The Parable of an Uncle’s Mistake is an attempt to explain the true insight. But you’ll have to email to read, an Uncle’s Parable on Success – ‘Buying a Porsche.’

    Pitch Brand Manifesto Video 

    Creative Demo for Global Site


    • Create a premium global brand experience for Aston Martin. Consolidate 85 regional sites into a global site.


    • Rebuilt the global website from the ground up —balanced telling the brand story with product details – bespoke for regional markets. 


    • While the website was only one part of the marketing mix, sales in 2018 were up 25% YoY.

    Final Product:

    The project lead to a global redesign of their site, and the creation of Brand Stories to give the brand meaning and set them apart from a category that worships lavish spending.