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    March 2022 – We need to create Summer-focused digital campaign supporting a month-long promotion for both customers and prospects. The promotion itself is a standard discount on Blink products, ranging from ~30-39% off depending on the market and the product.

     Communication objective: Blink is having a great deal on their already affordable smart security devices that I should take advantage of now so I can best protect my home, loved ones, and pets no matter where I am or what I’m up to.


    Peace of mind at an affordable price.
    For the price of one pro video doorbell from competitors, customers can get five blink devices to cover their whole homes. 




    We need a creative approach to break through customer fatigue while still highlighting the promotion.
    This promotion alone won’t spur people to buy. The length of this promotion, along with the parity of an offline 3P party promo, is going to cause customer fatigue. The discount itself won’t have a WOW factor.



    Our homes have become our fortresses of safety, but with spring approaching, a new season of travel begins.
    Travel is back after a false start. Unlike earlier in the crisis, when we thought it would end with a celebratory boom, the reality was more uncertain and filled with fits and starts. Many say that’s given them a sense of urgency to lock in travel during this window of relative (COVID) calm before it possibly disappears again.

    But these homeowners have spent the last few years making their homes their sanctuaries. The Home Improvement market size has exploded from 2020-2022.


    People want to make up for years of canceled plans, but years of being cautious have lasting effects.
    People are making up for lost time and experiences, but the world is still scary. Just as we had time to plan more elaborate vacations, we’re also considering the supplies we might have previously passed over – hand sanitizer and face masks. Years of being cautious have changed our behavior and given us more time to consider precautions to secure peace of mind.



    Keep home safe while you go adventuring.
    This summer, spend on adventures, not peace of mind.’ Blink gives you the peace of mind of whole-home coverage without breaking your travel plans budget. Wherever adventure takes you, Blink is here to help protect your home, from a getaway vacation to camping in the backyard.



    Do-Nut Fear, Blink Video Doorbell is Here


    Life is but a Breeze with Blink Outdoor