T-Mobile: Hometown Heroes

    The Ask at a Glance

    November 2020 – Come up with a T-Mobile Uncarrier Move and a Campaign Wrapper that turns heads and resets how people in Small-Town Rural (STR) communities see us. [We want to show them they can have it all.]

    We’re not considered in Small-Town Rural communities. Our Ambition is to become THE mobile carrier in Small-Town Rural America. We need to become part of their communities and earn their love & loyalty.


    BRAND TRUTH: People thrive when we’re all connected. 
    T-Mobile’s mission and our ambition.

    BUSINESS (UGLY) TRUTH: Here has never meant here
    We are an urban brand, not from around here. T-Mobile is not seen as a viable option. They are aware but have tuned us out.
    Un-carrier Move needs to feel like something they haven’t seen before from us.

    The Myth

    The mythic start-up culture of Silicon Valley is NOT where the most entrepreneurial spirit lives.
    The more rural the county, the higher its level of entrepreneurship.

    Rural entrepreneurship rates are higher than in urban areas, even if we remove farms.

    AUDIENCE TRUTH: They are Proud of their adaptations. 
    They are proud of their work-arounds and ingenuity. This work ethic & resilience is baked into their personal identity and generational roots. This translates into every aspect of their life. They made it work.

    Make Their
    Adaptative Spirit Thrive.



    This consultancy work led to the creation of the  “Hometown Grant,” “Hometown Heroes,” and “Hometown Experts” initiatives from T-Mobile.

    [Please contact sean@boutchard.com for the Consumer Tension/T-Mobile Solutions and Campaign Wrapper.]