Subculture Film

    The International Brotherhood of Magicians – The Horace Bennett Ring 180

    Founded in 1922, The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world’s largest organization for the magical arts, with members in 88 countries.

    The local Ring is named after Richmond Native Horace Bennett, a noted magician and author. The members of Ring 180 share a mutual love for the ancient art of magic. They have an extension language of magician terminology, such as:

     Patter: describing the words spoken during a performance, whether rehearsed or spontaneous. Patter is sometimes used as misdirection.

    The art of magic lies in the presentation and for this group of gentlemen, practicing magic is a way for them to relate to people. It gives them confidence. Some of the members are very shy when they first joined and the club is a way for them to overcome that. The group is very caring and welcoming towards outsiders. Unfortunately, they have a declining membership due to old age.