Nike: Swoosh 1


    November 2023 – How we launched Nike’s first baby shoe at Footlocker. 


    We need a campaign and activation to launch the Swoosh 1 at Footlocker. Nike is a leader in style but lagging in infant footwear innovation. It’s been over 20 years since we’ve innovated for early walkers. ‘Empowering Adults’ turn to Nike for style, but not as a trusted source for products honed to early walkers and information on child foot development.


    When people think of Nike Baby Shoes, they think of a miniaturized version of their Nike.  The Footlocker crowd decks out the same Nike for everyone in the family.  

    “People come in, and they want matching shoes for their kids. They’ll have one for their whole family… All rocking the same kicks. It’s why we’re sold out of the Air Force Ones.

They’re on back order.”  – Kids Foot Locker Employee (Ekin)

    An audience that has sought out style over function.

    Littles (Babies/toddlers) will only wear these shoes for a very limited time (a new shoe every 2-4 months), the shortest time of any Nike shoe they’ll ever wear.
    However, that limited time is critical for developing gait, posture, and balance.


    Those first few months sealed
    Showcase the minimal shoe use time as the benefit. Starting a lifetime of movement. This is the first Nike shoe specifically designed for only the baby’s first few months of walking, and it is the first Nike to receive the AMPA seal.



    It Starts With 1.
    Introducing the Nike Swoosh 1, designed for first steps and beyond. 

    The Disruption
    The Most Exclusive Shoe. Only for certain people.  
    Tease the launch of Swoosh 1 by claiming it’s the only Nike shoe that can only be worn for a few months and by a specific type of people.

    The Reality
    The Nike Swoosh 1 helps little kids and their little feet move beyond baby steps and into a lifetime love of movement and possibilities. It starts with 1. 

    Truth: When babies learn to walk, one thing is sure: They’re also learning to fall. On average, they fall 17 times an hour. That’s more than professional athletes.

    Create a store that’s built for babies.
    A space that showcases everything that goes into the Swoosh 1. A space designed for littles where they can move beyond the fall.


    Activation Case Study

    [Password: What are Footlocker employees called? ]