Logo Design

    PR at Partners 

    A colleague at GMU, studying web development and IT, was overhauling the web presence of a local salon for his senior thesis. He asked me to redesign their logo for his project. He wanted a design that conveyed a sleek and sexy look that most people associate with high end salons. Using an image from a recent photoshoot that highlights the skills of the salon’s stylists, I created a mark that emphasizes the short, but incredibly luscious hair pictured with a soft portrait of the model’s profile. “PR” utilizes a variation of the English typeface, Baskerville, to reflect the salon owner’s U.K. heritage. The “At Partners” uses Bickham Script which has a personality that can range from poised to extravagant. The logo is balanced in a triangular fashion and is finished with a classic logotype in the triangle’s bottom center.

    Toye Society 

    Toye, Kenning, and Spencer wanted to start a new brand catering to sororities and fraternities in the United States. The logo features a Marlet, a bird with no legs that symbolizes the constant quest for knowledge, learning, and adventure. The Marlet is featured prominently on the Toye Family Crest.

    Beacon Point 

    In this project for the non-profit organization “Hilliard House,” we redesigned it to more accurately define their services as a rapid re-housing program for homeless women with children. Our objective was to increase funding and donations for the program.