Fruits & Veggies

    Challenge: How do you increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in the U.S.? Its an age old question mothers preach, but how do you actually change the behavior.

    Setting the Stage: The Renaissance of Farmer’s Markets
    Farmers markets are more than just a place for local foodies to get fresh fruits and vegetables. They have grown to become a haven for artisans and musicians to sell their wares. It exposes people to ethnic cultures and traditions. These markets have revitalized neglected neighborhoods and transformed them into places people want to spend time at whether they are shopping or not. Farmers’ markets build social ties, linking rural and urban populations and also neighbors in a mutually rewarding exchange. Farmers’ markets play a pivotal role in maintaining cultural communities that can teach youth and families how to live healthy, balanced lives. They turn the chore of grocery shopping into a fun social event where people can explore and discover new foods. When farmer’s have a chance to talk about their food it gives the produce a life of it’s own and takes the fear out of intimidating vegetables.

    Insight: The story makes food tastier
    The rich stories behind the food enhances the flavors we experience. They stir emotions that are inextricably entangled in our physical sensations.

    Target: Tag Alongs
    Farmers’ markets are an incredible melting pot of people from all sorts of backgrounds, but not all have the True Believer mindset. Tag Alongs go when they are invited by a friend and its convenient. They will never go alone, its a social event for them. They want the full experience of the farmer’s market. They need the side dishes of music, art and crafts. They enjoy going once in awhile, but haven’t made it a lifestyle yet. We need to turn these Tag Alongs into True Believers.
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    Strategy: Where food comes alive
    We need to spread the culture of farmer’s markets where food comes alive. By growing these communities not only will we greatly increase the consumption of fruits and veggies, but encourage healthy living that gives back to the local economy. If we start with their friends the rest will follow.

    Reasons to Believe:
    1. States with the highest consumption of vegetables also have the highest density of farmers’ markets.
    2. From 2008-2014 there has been an increase in farmers’ markets by 76%, that has since slowed down to 1.5% in the past year. They need advertising to grow their consumer base before markets will be able to grow in numbers again.
    3. Food Stamps (SNAP benefits) are worth double at farmers’ markets.

    We created a unified brand that all 17 farmers markets in the region could utilize as well as customize to promote their specific market. Working with the Virginia Farmers’ Market Association, and the Capital Region Collaborative, we are launching a campaign for farmer’s markets in Virginia that will start late this spring.

    TV Spot – Hands of a Farmer

    Web Spot – Morning Stories



    My Role:
    Primary Research: Interviews, Ethnography
    Secondary Research
    Strategy Development
    Camera work for TV spots

    Created by:
    Sean Boutchard (CS)
    Tim Brown (CBM)
    Elly Taura (AD)
    James Fees (CW)
    Duncan Hoge (CT)